Tour Edge Bazooka GeoMax Mallet Putter Review

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Available in classic and high-tech shapes, the GeoMax delivers a high moment-of-inertia (MOI – the club’s ability to resist twisting) through a hollow-head design. The hollow head moves weight to the outer edges of the club for greater stability and forgiveness. It also creates a deep center of gravity for reduced skidding, smoother roll, and increased MOI to keep your stroke on-line. The lighter T6 aluminum face is CNC milled with horizontal grooves to launch the ball with a slight forward rotation instead of backspin. This minimizes skidding and helps put more putts in the hole. The “t-shape” crown of the GeoMax is an outstanding alignment aid by itself. Leaving nothing to chance, the putter includes a pure-optic alignment system. Black and white alignment stripes run from face to back, making it easier to line up putts for dead-on accuracy.

Price: £49

Contact: 001 630 584 4777


Model Description: Bazooka GeoMax Putter New for 2008

Head: Mallet

Type: Right Handed, Left Handed

Gender: Male, Female

Weighted: 0

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