Adams Golf A3 Hybrid Review

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The A3 hybrids offer an MOI that is 70% higher than many other leading hybrids resulting in easy to hit shots that are more forgiving, straighter & longer – The low and deep centre of gravity lets the golfer get the ball airborne from virtually any lie – rough, sand etc – Cambered sole has been designed to cut through turf, creating less drag. This helps to get the ball up and into the air with a consistent smooth feel on every swing – Fitted with Grafalloy ProLaunch Red graphite shafts – Available: 16° Replaces 2 Iron, 19° Replaces 3 Iron, 22° Replaces 4 Iron & 25° Replaces 5 Iron Reg & Stiff, RH only.

Price: £129

Contact: 01372 373237


Head: Steel

Shaft: Graphite

Type: Right Handed

Product Information

Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableYes
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