Benross V5 Escape Hybrid Review

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The V5 Escape has a contoured stability sole to assist you from a range of lies on the fairway or in the rough. Both have a 2-piece crown-weld stainless-steel construction that features thin crown technology, and a deep low centre of gravity.

Price: £69.99 (g) £49.99 (s)

Contact: 01932 821200

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Benross Rescue Clubs User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Straight and Long ! !

    By Justin Smith

    Unfortunatley discontinued now, but bought the 20 and 26 degree aroung 2 years ago.  Stopped using them for a while due to buying a set of Adams A2 irons/hybrids and what a mistake, could hit the irons but the hybrids where shall we say not very accurate.  So decided to go back to the old Benross faithfuls ! Hitting long staright and nicely shaped shots again ! I hardly ever miss hit. I decided to go and get the 17 and 23 and well for those normal long iron shots is now a dream and a pleasure to hit ! It may be hard to find these now as they have been discontinued, but well worth the look.  Cheap and def good clubs, highly recommended ! !

  • 5 out of 5 Nice club, Nice feel and good distance!!

    By twinksies

    I bought this club with a graphite shaft in the 26 degree 5 iron version.  Cost me 20 quid from ONLINE GOLF!!   Its a total bargain,  It gives great feel and distance.  I also make an awsome sound when you make contact with the ball.  I would recommend this club!!