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Today’s Golfer Hybrid Test 2011

Tested: July 2011
Testing panel:
Chris Ryan (Belfry Pro)
Leon Iacono (HCP 4)
David Connor (HCP 10)
Ben Miles (HCP 17)

Both Dave and Leon felt the head profile didn’t immediately catch their eye but said the feel off the face was sensational and the forgiveness was second-to-none. Leon said the ball flight was a little higher than he expected but claimed it would be ideal from the fairway and the rough. Chris actually has one of these in his bag and said he loves the railed sole design because it makes it usable from a number of situations and the deeper face means it can be used off the tee.

Distance: 4.1
Dispersion: 3.9
Looks: 3.4
Feel: 3.8
Forgiveness: 3.5
Fairway: 3.3
Tee: 4
Rough: 2.9

Today’s Golfer Hybrid Test 2010


There have been more than a few eureka moments in golf club design over the years but one that has changed the game more than most was the launch of the first ever hybrid, the Cobra Baffler – 35 years ago!

It was the first long-iron replacement designed to slide along the turf thus making the game easier to play. The concept was clearly a winner, and yet it took other manufacturers more than 20 years to cotton on to the concept. Since then Cobra have continually updated the Baffler franchise to stay ahead of the competition and the modern-day result is still one of the best hybrids around.

The newest incarnation – the Baffler Rail H – features a four-way rail sole design to allow the clubhead to move through turf more easily than before for a cleaner strike from a multitude of lies. The face has also been designed in the same way as Cobra drivers with 9-Point face technology to increase ball speeds regardless of where on the clubface the ball is struck.

Our test team were seriously impressed  with the results with Mark and David particularly raving about the playability and forgiveness of the Baffler from all lies. Chris was also a fan of the more traditional looks compared to some others on test while pro James admitted he would recommend it to a high percentage of players, specifically commenting on the rails making it easier to hit out of rough.

The fact that you will find this in a range of pro and amateur bags in 2010 shows the versatility of the Baffler Rail H and means this is a serious option for anyone looking to add a hybrid to their arsenal of clubs.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 4.4   Forgiveness: 4.4   Rough: 4.5   Distance: 4.3   Dispersion: 4

The Cobra Baffler Rail H Hybrid won a gold award in this years hybrids test on Today's Golfer (issue 271).

Cobra launched the first ever hybrid more than 35 years ago so it’s fair to say they’ve got more than just a little experience in this competitive category. The Baffler is a well-known name in golf, and the latest offering is understandably impressive as cobra draw on all their experience. It features a four-way rail sole design which allows the club to move smoothly through the turf, and it also benefits from cobra’s 9-point face technology which means more distance on off-centre hits - ideal for amateur golfers.

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Cobra Rescue Clubs User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 The Rail Thing in Rescue !!

    By Anonymous

    Cobra Baffler Rail H Hybrid 22 Degrees   Have just got one of these for Christmas off my family which I had chosen for myself.   Boy what a club ! First time it's maiden hit from just off the fairway on a long par 5 and WOW couldn't have been any sweeter with great distance achieved even from the 22 degrees version, left me an easy pitch into the green. I wanted one of these rescue clubs to replace my 3&4 irons giving greater control when coming from off the fairways or for those difficult par 3's when an easy swing works far better than powering a low iron shot. Good looking club and feels comfatable behind the ball which always matters in the mind of a golfer, swings balanced and sounds great as the ball pings away off the club face. Have used this club now over 3 rounds of golf since Christmas and am very happy with the rescue club and can't wait for 2012 competitions as i'm sure this club will knock at least 5 shots off my handicap !!!!! Well done Cobra on a fantastic rescue club product !