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There are very few rescue/utility/baffler/whatever-you-want-to-call-them clubs that would grace the bags of good golfers, but the Mizuno Fli-Hi was originally designed after requests by players on the US PGA Tour.

They wanted a club that flew the ball high but landed softly – something they found difficult to achieve  with either an iron or fairway wood. Enter Fli-Hi, which has been re-engineered for 2004.

The new version offers better control and because the face is made from a stronger breed of steel, the delivery of distance and carry is more consistent.

The leading edge of the club is also different. It’s slightly blunter than the old Fli-Hi and this prevents the clubhead digging into the turf too much.

We love the Fli-Hi. It’s simple, performs and feels lovely, and has a ball flight that does exactly what you’d expect – soaring high but landing softly and coming to a halt very quickly.

Verdict: “The salesmen tell us that ‘nothing feels like a Mizuno’, and I have to agree. This is as solid and confidence-building a utility club as you’ll come across. 2004 refinements make it even better than its predecessor.”

Price: £109 (steel) £139 (graphite)

Contact: 0118 936 2100
Website: www.mizuno.com

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