Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 3.6 out of 5
  • RRP £109.00

What we say...

Often, when a manufacturer launches a range of woods, there’s usually one club that we dislike… and more often than not, it’s the hybrid. But the Mizuno MX-700 hybrid really does seem to complete the set well.

Mizuno say the club features a Drop Down Crown which creates a low and deep CG for easy launch. And we reckon they have a point. It’s one of the easiest hybrids to hit.

However, and this is our only real criticism of the range, the hybrid is somewhat different in looks to the driver and the fairways with a large swathe of grey on the front of its crown.

In our opinion it spoils the look of the club; but performance is the name of the game and this little beauty certainly delivered with a whole host of towering shots.

It will be available in 17°, 20°, 23° and 26˚ lofts and costs a reasonable £109.

2009 Review

The MX700 driver caused a major surprise by bagging a gold award in TG’s driver test earlier this year. Now its little brother rescue club has eclipsed that by scooping the ‘Best on Test’ here.

Famed for stunning irons, Mizuno’s past efforts at driver, fairway wood and hybrid design haven’t always yielded the same success. But that is changing with the new MX700 series, which Mizuno say is its longest hybrid to date thanks to Hot Steel face technology, plasma-welded onto the body.

That’s the technical bit – but it was the results that really impressed our testers, with Chris booming out his joint longest shot to 249 yards while also enjoying some impressive dispersion stats. He also thought it performed well from the rough despite looking as though it may drag more than others. Roger didn’t rate it looks-wise but said that paled into insignificance after giving it top marks for performance and forgiveness. He also stated it was the only club on test he would consider swapping for his beloved 7-wood. During a follow-up call after the test he also admitted to getting one and it’s now a permanent feature in his bag.

TG staffers Jon and David also raved about its all-round performance with the only negative being that David thought the club head may be a little too big for a serious player. As if the performance wasn’t enough, this impressive weapon retails for a little more than £100, which for the technology involved is pretty good. Not just a top product but top value for money to boot.

Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: 4   Rough: 4.5   Forgiveness: 4.5   Dispersion: 4   Distance: 5   Pro Height: 113 feet

2010 Review:

This was a stand-out performer for David, pro James and Mark. Mizuno may be better known for their forged irons, but they sell a lot of these hybrids and James said it was easy to see why. Both he and Mark said it was a cinch to hit and get in the air while David commented on the extremely powerful feel off the face. It didn’t suit Chris on this occasion but the
other three testers couldn’t speak highly enough of the MX-700. A top-notch product.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 3.9   Forgiveness: 4.3   Rough: 4.4   Distance: 4.4   Dispersion: 4

Mizuno's MX-700’s Hot Metal ES230 steel face creates Mizuno’s most powerful ever hybrid.

The ultra-light ES230 steel face is plasma welded to a 4-31 stainless steel body, creating a highly responsive clubhead – for increased strike range from the fairway.

A “Drop Down Crown” shifts weight lower within the head for an easy launch from any lie.

The Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid comes highly commended in issue 271 of Today's Golfer it is available in the following lofts: 17°, 20°, 23°, 26°, 29°

Contact: www.mizuno.eu or 0800 328 0180

Product Information

Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableYes
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Mizuno Rescue Clubs User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Quite Simply - Awesome!

    By n1085570

    I received this club on the weekend, and being of a high handicap was not expecting my first visit to the driving range to go well, however from the first swing to the last every ball was hit crisply with distance and a nice straight trajectory. I felt so good about it I registered on here just to leave this review. I opted for the the 17 degree loft to sit between my Callaway Diablo 4h and my Mizuno MX-700 3 wood (also great off the tee). I will now be scouting round for the 20 degree loft to finish my bag off nicely. Definitely should be a consideration for anyone who is after a solid well built hybrid. Shame they're so difficult to get hold of at the moment, but at £89.99 I felt it was an absolute bargain.

  • 5 out of 5 brillant

    By jonnysnoopdogg

    Quite simply the best hybrid you'l buy at the moment and i should know iv tried 5 different types this year.

  • Not yet rated Magical

    By Anonymous

    This is an absolute dream in all areas. After learning how to hit a hybrid properly I simply can't fault this club. Magical!

  • 4 out of 5 good buy?

    By Callum McCulloch

    From all the positive reviews this is club is getting it certainly looks like a great buy. It seems to coincide nicely with me breaking my 3 iron the other day so I need to club to fit that area, as soon as I manage to find £100 from somewhere it will be in my bag. I remember trying one out a while ago and it flies long and stright, what more could you want.

  • 4 out of 5 great rescue club.

    By Mick spacey

    First of all i bought the  3 wood , i was amazed by its performance , only 20 yds behind my driver , so the persuaded me to change my rescue to this , i am very impressed , i bought the 17 degree. It is great when the lie is not quite suitable for the 3 wood , it flies straight & long,  i have now taken my 3 & 4 irons out of the bag  , i have just ordered the 23 degree mx 700 hybrid to replace them both , can`t wait to receive it , it will make my fairway shots of 180 - 210 yds much easier. Overall i rate this better than any other rescue i have tried , believe me i have tried alot of them. Bought for £84 , so also a great price compared to some.