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TaylorMade’s first rescue to feature a two-tone crown to match the M family metal woods. A longer more flexible speed pocket in the sole offers speed and forgiveness particularly on shots struck low on the face. A new sole design, fluted hosel and TaylorMade’s geometry and acoustic engineering optimizes sound and feel.  

Our verdict:

For us TaylorMade’s new M1 and M2 product line seriously simplifies their offering for consumers this year. And the choice between the two hybrids highlights brilliantly which type of golfer each range is aimed at. Our test pro like a lot of good players has a tendency to pull wider body hybrids left of the target, so M2 wouldn’t be his preferred choice. But Simon’s lower swing speed is less well suited to narrow body hybrids as he needs extra help launching shots into the air, particularly from the deck. In our eyes M2’s more forgiving and thanks to all the tech and hours of R&D that’s been poured into its design it performed brilliantly. A ball speed 2mph quicker and 8 yards further than the test average, is very impressive. Oh and our test pro’s longest shot with it off the deck carried 252 yards.

TaylorMade M2 Hybrid

Bottom line:

We really like how TaylorMade have used the white/black cosmetics on the M2’s crown so the head matches the driver and fairway. It’s lighter weight shaft (65g compared to M1’s 80g regular flex) means it’s a bit of a speed machine. Its responsive, forgiving and easy, to launch from the tee, fairway, rough and even a fairway bunker. The question with 4 available lofts is how many long irons should you be replacing? 

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2016 TaylorMade M2 Rescue Review

Product Information


Lofts: #3/19°, #4/22°, #5/25°, #6/28°

Stock shaft: TM REAX

Adjustable hosel: No

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