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Today's Golfer Hybrid Test 2011

Tested: July 2011
Testing panel:
Chris Ryan (Belfry Pro)
Leon Iacono (HCP 4)
David Connor (HCP 10)
Ben Miles (HCP 17)

Our team rated this highly in every category and although the overall distance rating wasn’t among the longest on test, every other aspect of the performance was exemplary.

Ben wanted to put the club in his bag straight away! He loved the sheer consistency and admitted that even when he didn’t quite catch it he could still expect a decent result; consequently he awarded it top marks in every category. Dave agreed, only marking the club down slightly off the tee because he felt the higher flight wouldn’t be as effective in windier conditions.

Even better players such as Leon and Chris were impressed with not only the performance but the aesthetics. There aren’t many clubs on the market that can appeal to such a broad range of players but our team felt the Nanospeed 3i was one of them and that means it rightly grabs a silver award.

Distance: 3.8
Dispersion: 4.4
Looks: 4.4
Feel: 4.5
Forgiveness: 4.4
Fairway: 4.4
Tee: 4.1
Rough: 4.4

Today's Golfer Hybrid Test 2010

This impressed all our testers with Chris raving about the performance. He admitted he may not have looked at this club before the test but would now be happy to put it in the bag. Chris, David and pro James all enjoyed a high flight and excellent forgiveness although David said the slightly larger head would put him off in the rough. Mark wasn’t initially a fan but the performance stats also won him over.

Ratings (out of 5):

Looks: 4.1   Forgiveness: 4   Rough: 3.9   Distance: 4.3   Dispersion: 3.6

The new Nanospeed 3i Hybrid has been designed to provide greater manoeuvrability and deliver the maximum level of repulsion energy from the club face.

The Yonex R&D team has created a hybrid club that offers a significantly lower and deeper centre of gravity for a winning combination of distance and accuracy.

The shorter carbon graphite crown and innovative club head shape have allowed more weight to be pushed towards the back of the club, while the rear of the sole and side wall have been made heavier to further raise the launch angle and improve distance through the air.

The club is powered by the new Nanospeed 100-H shaft featuring Carbon Nanotube technology to deliver improved control of the club head and ultimate impact speed.

The Yonex Nanospeed 3i Hybrid is available in four different lofts: 19°, 22°, 25°, 28° Steel and composite heads, graphite shaft, ladies, gents, RH. Lofts: Stiff 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25); Regular 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25),  6 (28); Super Light 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25), 6 (28); Ladies 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25),  6 (28).

Contact: www.yonex.co.uk or 0208 742 9777

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