Hi-Tec CDT Comfort Elegance WPI golf shoes Review

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Today’s Golfer Shoes Long Term Test 2011

Tested: Summer 2011
Testing panel:
Christopher Alexander 24 HCP
– Prioritises comfort and value when buying shoes.
Johnny Stanco – 14 HCP – Style and performance are two important criteria.
Colin Blair – 14 HCP – This keen player needs durability and performance.

Chris: These were a solid all-round pair of shoes offering good value as well as being well-styled and giving good performance. He was impressed with the quality of manufacture for the relatively low price. On the course he found them very comfortable with good grip and he insisted he would have no hesitation recommending them.

Johnny: He felt these were good across the board without excelling in any one area but the relatively low cost was a big bonus for Johnny and he duly awarded these shoes top marks in the value category. In terms of looks and performance he was impressed without being bowled over but he did suggest that they performed very well in the wet.

Colin: These were a big surprise because he hadn’t expected to like these ahead of some of the other brands. However, they blew away any pre-test doubts and he admitted they would now be in his top three choices. He liked the classic look and said he had no issues with the shoes on the course at all because they performed in terms of comfort and grip. He didn’t expect any durability issues as they seemed well-made but he would be interested to see how they performed over the coming months given the lower price point.

Looks: 4.2 Comfort: 4.2 Performance: 3.8 Value: 4.7


The Hi-Tec CDT Comfort Elegance WPI golf shoes feature full grain leather uppers, medium fit spacers and ion mask hydrophobic water management technology. They also feature Custom Fitting System, Patented CDT directional cleats made exclusively by Champ, Champ Q-Lok receptacles and an X5 outsole with swing dams and roll bars.

Sizes: UK 6-12

Web: www.hi-tec.com
Tel: 01702 541 771

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