Stuburt Helium Comfort Golf Shoes Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 2 out of 5
  • RRP £69.99

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Today’s Golfer Shoes Long Term Test 2011

Tested: Summer 2011

Testing panel:
Christopher Alexander 24 HCP
– Prioritises comfort and value when buying shoes.
Johnny Stanco – 14 HCP – Style and performance are two important criteria.
Colin Blair – 14 HCP – This keen player needs durability and performance.

Chris: He felt these didn’t have the same elegance as some but they performed well in all other areas. He found them to be as robust, hard-wearing and as comfortable as any on test. Though he said there was nothing flashy or trendy about the shoes he was a big fan, rating the cheapest pair on test highly for value.

Johnny: The style of the Stuburt’s didn’t impress Johnny, who thought they looked a little cheaper than the others. He also said they looked and felt very chunky on his feet and that tended to put him off, although he felt these would be pretty durable and sturdy in winter. Performance-wise he said they were very comfortable but the styling really put him off buying them, even with the cheaper price tag.

Colin: He said these had the look of a trainer or hillwalking shoe and that meant they were extremely comfortable and he expected no durability issues with these shoes at all. He was also impressed with the price as they delivered the comfort, performance and durability of more premium offerings without the hefty price tag although he admitted the styling maybe didn’t get him as excited as some of the others. One criticism was that he felt his feet got noticeably sweaty in the shoes so he didn’t think they were as breathable as some of the others.

Looks: 2.3 Comfort: 3.8 Performance: 4.2 Value: 4.7


Stuburt Helium Comfort Golf Shoes were new for 2010. A new design EVA/rubber outsole matches performance with comfort. The new Helium Comfort golf shoes boast ‘straight out the box’ comfort including Stuburt’s exclusive sockliner with shock-absorbing capabilities.

Waterproof golf shoes for men, green-friendly, and available in half-sizes.

Sizes: UK 7-12 (half sizes)

: 0161 886 4010

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Stuburt Golf Shoes User Reviews

  • 2 out of 5 Do not last

    By Victor

    Bought the Stuburt Helium golf shoe as I liked the look of them. Bought them as a Summer shoe & looked after them. They have started to peel & the sole has come away. Would not buy again. Contacted the co but they did not want to know.