Where is the best place to miss-hit your driver?


The best place to miss-hit your driver on the face? We decided to find out... 

Most club golfers don’t give a second thought to where they impact shots on a driver face. Well, that was until TaylorMade announced the new M3 and M4 drivers came with something called TwistFace. At TaylorMade’s launch of the new 2018 drivers world No.1 Dustin Johnson admitted his mishits came from the high-toe, while Rory owned up to hitting high spinners out of the low-heel.

It got us thinking – do ordinary golfers know the impact of hitting shots off-centre with a driver? During our latest 2018 driver test we plotted every impact into quadrants on a driver face to find out, so we can now tell you! 


Ball speed: 140mph
Launch angle: 16 degrees
Backspin: 2,357rpm
Carry distance: 232 yards

High Heel

Ball speed: 142mph
Launch angle: 15 degrees
Backspin: 2,452rpm
Carry distance: 234 yards


Ball speed: 143mph
Launch angle: 14 degrees
Backspin: 3,320rpm
Carry distance: 226 yards


Ball speed: 144mph
Launch angle: 14 degrees
Backspin: 3,294rpm
Carry distance: 228 yards

What we learned

The takeaway for golfers is that you really want to hit and mishit shots higher rather than lower on the face.

If you can, taking our average as a baseline you’ll launch shots higher and with less spin which adds up to six or more yards of extra carry distance.