READER TEST: Snell MTB Red and Black golf balls


When we put the best mail order tour level balls up against the game’s top-selling ball (the Titleist Pro V1) in the summer, we had no idea how good they were going to be. Not only in terms of data, but feel, too.

With the Snell MTB Black and Red models performing so well in our test – and because they’re available for almost half the cost of the top-selling tour balls – we wanted to see if TG readers agreed…

The testers:

Testers of Snell Golf balls

Q: What were your first impressions of the Snell balls?

AC: I usually play the TaylorMade TP5X, mainly because it’s long and feels great. I was surprised both the Red and Black had similar characteristics. The Red was more crisp, but initially both felt great.   

MH: I usually play the Pro V1, and the Black MTB looked and felt like it. The Red sounded and felt a little firmer. 

GS: The Snell’s didn’t quite have the usual gloss finish I’m used to (I usually use a Srixon AD333). I reckon both sounded harder than they actually are.

MC: I usually play TaylorMade TP5X as I like the speed and sound off the face and the control it offers around the green. Within nine holes it was clear both Snell balls were quality products. For me there’s a definite difference in sound, with the Red sounding slightly harder.

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Q: How did the performance compare to your usual ball?

AC: They’re certainly as good as any other ball I’ve played in all respects. For me the Red had the slight edge on Black for distance. In the short game and on the dance floor, feel, feedback and spin was equal to my usual ball.

MH: From the tee I really couldn’t notice any difference from my Pro V1 for distance or accuracy. I felt the Black performed better with my irons than my usual ball. It seemed to go two-five yards further, and even slight misshits were noticeably further, which really showed up on par 3s, where I didn’t feel the need to club up which I usually tend to do. 

GS: It took me a few drives to get used to the different sound, but distance and accuracy were good, and the feel grew on me. I’m not sure why but I felt I chipped better and putted nicely which definitely boosted my confidence in the Snell.

MC: I hit equally long and accurate drives with both Snell balls; I’d be really interested in testing them on a launch monitor to see if there is any difference to my usual ball. Both are long, though. Both span really nicely and allowed me to shoot at tight pins, and they sounded good off the putter. 

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The product: Snell Golf MTB Red and Black

Price: £29.99 a dozen (or £26.99 if you buy six dozen at a time).


Snell Black and Red Golf Balls

Q: Did you have a preference for either, and how would you feel about buying balls direct from the brand online?

AC: The Red would be my preferred ball, because of the sound, crisp feedback and I feel it’s a little longer for me. Ordering online is fine. I probably wouldn’t order six dozen at a time though.  

MH: Both are quality golf balls, but I preferred the Black and would play this instead of my usual Pro V1 without hesitation. Six dozen is a lot, but I’d certainly look at buying a few dozen at a time, as they’re affordable.

GS: I’m very happy ordering from the internet so long as it’s a brand site or I’ve been recommended by a friend or third party I trust. At my ability I’d happily use either ball, especially as they come in for similar money to my usual ball.

MC: My preference would be the Red as it sounded and flew the same as my usual TP5X – crisp, confidence inspiring all without being harsh. I do the majority of my shopping online so I’m happy to buy from a website, I’ll use any pro shop vouchers I win to buy new shoes or other consumables.

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Q: Are the Snells a legitimate tour-level ball and would you recommend other golfers give them a try?

AC: No niggles at all, in fact I reckon after a few rounds the cover of the Snell’s is more durable than my usual ball. They are a quality golf ball. I’d happily recommend them to other golfers. 

MH: The Snells still look brand new after 18 holes so I reckon they’re more resistant to marking. A great all-round golf ball, at an excellent price. Yes I’d definitely recommend them. I’m playing my best golf of the year, so they’ll be in my bag for 2019. 

GS: Not so much a niggle, but it took me a while to get used to the feel and sound on the putting green. I don’t usually play a tour-level ball but I’d recommend the Snell’s as an excellent package for sure.

MC: Both Snells are equal to the TP5 and TP5X across all areas of my game, which has to say they’re great golf balls. They’ve already become a talking point when I identify my ball on the first tee.

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