READER TEST: Bagboy Compact 3 Push Trolley with Top-Lok


Bag Boy have made trolleys and bags for over 70 years. Their latest bright idea is Top-Lok.

It means golfers can attach a cart bag to the trolley without the need for any straps. The bag can’t spin or rotate solving an annoying issue which has plagued golfers for years. We asked four TG readers to put the idea through its paces.

The testers:

Bag Boy Compact 3 push trolley

Q: What’s your take on Top-Lok; hit or miss?

JM: My first impression was what a great idea. Simply slide the bag and it’s held securely all the way round the golf course. It was great to not have to worry about adjusting a spinning golf bag after every other hole. Hit.
SN: It’s a brilliant idea, it kept the bag secure and stopped it from twisting, which happened a lot with my old bag. It’s already drawn envious looks from my playing partners. A definite hit.
JP: It’s the best feature for sure, eliminating the need for straps to hold the bag on a trolley is a top-notch idea. It’s a hit from me.
MD: It’s a cracking idea. The bag slots in really securely on the top bracket of the trolley. Without using any straps it’s kept my bag in position for each round I’ve played. It’s a hit.

Q: How about build quality and price?

JM: It was really easy to set the trolley up and both the bag and trolley feel like they’re well made. I wouldn’t spend anymore than £200 on a push trolley so the Compact 3 fits the bill nicely. For £119 I reckon the bag is a decent size, with plenty of pocket space. It’s a great combo for a reasonable price. 
SN: The trolley has a good build quality with no unnecessary bits of framework (which can add weight). It and the bag are a solid value-for- money option. Very impressed. 
JP: For anyone like me who’s terrible at building or putting things together, the Bag Boy trolley was a real hit. It was from box to first tee in less than 10 minutes, and that was without reading any instructions. The price is what I’d expect and the build is lightweight and strong.  
MD: The quality is very good. I really like how there’s hardly any weight to either the bag or trolley too. It makes it super easy to push around the course, which is important to golfers who like to push a trolley.

Q: Any niggles? What do you reckon to the trolley and bag’s weight and size?

JM: After six rounds I’m happy to report no niggles for me. Both trolley and bag are lightweight. 
SN: The first couple of times I folded the trolley down I forgot to fold the front wheel under, but I’m happy to put it down to operator error. It’s sleek, lightweight and compact, perfect for going in the car boot.  
JP: Both trolley and bag are incredibly light, I thought putting another bag on the trolley could be an issue, but the trolley coped well with straps around the top bracket. 
MD: No niggles at all. The pair weigh virtually nothing, which makes getting them out of the car and setting up a doddle.

Q: Would you recommend them to other golfers?

JM: Both represent decent value for money; I’d have no issues recommending them to friends.
SN: Even with a fully-laden bag the trolley is still easy to push. In my opinion both bag and trolley are quality items that deserve to be competing with the more well-known trolley brands.
JP: For me bag and trolley are right on the money of what I’d expect to pay. They get a thumbs-up from me.
MD: I’m usually an electric trolley man. Before testing, I thought the Bag Boy might have been a touch expensive, but after the first round I’d say it’s worth every penny. I’d definitely recommend it.

The product:

Trolley: Compact 3 push trolley £189 Bag: Lite Rider II £119

Bag Boy Compact 3 push trolley

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