• The truth about strong lofted irons

    Written by Simon Daddow on Friday, 30 November 2018

    Is a 7-iron still a 7-iron when it has the loft of a 5-iron? Before launch monitors appeared on the scene, iron lofts barely got a look-in when it came to designing, making and marketing new irons. It was pretty much a given that a 7-iron was… well, just a 7-iron. But since launch monitors gave golfers and club fitters the...

  • READER TEST: Odyssey Red Ball putters

    Tuesday, 13 November 2018

    Aiming at the hole and setting up correctly ultimately leads to more holed putts. PGA Tour star Danny Lee would agree. His sponsors Odyssey say that if he holed just one more putt a week, he’d have earned an extra $500,000! To address the issue, and help you set up and align correctly more often, Odyssey designed the new Red Ball...

  • TWIN TEST: Callaway Chrome Soft vs Titleist AVX golf balls

    Wednesday, 7 November 2018

    Head to head: Callaway Chrome Soft vs Titleist AVX golf balls Soft, low-compression golf balls are trending up. Fact. And since Callaway introduced the original Chrome Soft in 2014, they’ve bagged a decent-sized chunk of the premium golf ball market – and ignited a completely new sector in low-compression balls. To counter this, Titleist launched the AVX earlier this year. It’s...