Head-to-Head: New TaylorMade P790s vs M5s, P760s and old P790s


How do TaylorMade’s new P790s stack up against their previous generation, the current M5s and P760s?

TaylorMade have launched the second generation of their P790s, so we decided to put them up against the previous model, as well as the current TaylorMade M5 irons and P760s. 

The new P790s are a little less offset in the long irons and have a shorter, more compact blade length in the scoring clubs, dialling the shape more directly into a players’ eye.

TaylorMade P790 iron

What the brand are saying is that if you compare the new head to the old head you will get more ball speed – even though the shaft is a little bit shorter (TaylorMade changed their standard shaft lengths at the start of the year), meaning you’re effectively getting some more control, but without losing any ball speed.

How they compare – Address

TaylorMade P790 iron comparisons

A 7% thinner face, has allowed an internal tungsten bar to be 15% heavier, which lowers the centre of gravity, improving MOI and forgiveness performance, even though the head has shrunk a little.  

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How they compare – Specs

7 iron loft:

P760 – 33° / P790 2019 – 30.5° / P790 2017 – 30.5° / M5 – 30°

 Hosel offset:

P760 – 2.3mm / P790 2019 – 2.7mm  / P790 2017 – 2.7mm / M5 – 2.5mm 

Stock shafts:

P760 – True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 

P790 2019 – True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS

P790 2017 – True Temper Dynamic Gold 105

M5 – True Temper XP100

How they compare – Offset

TaylorMade P790 iron

We decided to put this theory to the test in the video below, although it’s worth pointing out that there are 3 degree in loft difference between these irons, from the P760s to the M5 irons, which does impact ball speed, launch angle, spin and obviously carry distance.

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