Which TaylorMade iron suits me?


Which TaylorMade irons should I buy? Your guide to each iron in TaylorMade's line-up, and who they are aimed at

Most major brands have five, six or even seven irons in their 2020 line-ups, which shows the importance of having solutions for all golfers, irrespective of ability or personal preference. Choices range from slimline musclebacks to hollow heads and cavity backs, and while some are forged, others have springy faces just like a driver.  

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So with such a huge amount of choice out there, we felt it was far too easy for golfers to get confused about which model best suits them. Even golfers who have a good idea of which iron suits them probably don’t realise what they put on the line in terms of ball speed, carry and forgiveness by choosing a set above their station.

So as 2020’s irons hit pro shop shelves, we felt the time was right to show how a brand’s whole iron range compares against each other.

As well as launch monitor data from our pro, we’ve given every iron a forgiveness rating and a handicap guide to spell out simply what sort of players should be considering what sort of models, and why.

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TaylorMade P-7TW iron 

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

RRP: £1,899 

Construction: Forged from a single piece of 1025 carbon steel 

Who are they for? 

The clue is in the name – Tiger Woods (though Tommy Fleetwood also uses a set). It should be no surprise that with the weakest 7-iron loft (35°) in our whole five-brand test (32 sets of irons), the P-7TW produced our shortest carry distance.

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It was also one of only six models to produce a double digit carry distance drop-off – that illustrates perfectly just how hard they would be to live with on the golf course. With all that said, if you’re buying them as a collector, the beautifully boxed, CNC milled soles and concealed tungsten weighting – requested by Tiger himself – create an absolutely stunning set to be put in a display case and treasured.

Just don’t try to use them...

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TaylorMade P760 iron

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

RRP: £1,299

Construction: Hollow body, forged 1025 carbon steel body with SUS630 faces

Who are they for?

It’s easy to get seduced by the sleek P760s, particularly as they marry reasonably forgiving, fast face, hollow-body mid and long irons with one-piece forged short irons. It’s a combo set many reasonable club golfers would have dreamed of.

But, before you get carried away just remember a PGA Tour event has been won with a set, which means they’re favoured by some very good players. With a 7-iron loft 2.5° weaker than the P790s, you could be leaving 10 yards of carry distance on the table by choosing a set.

From our experience, as lovely as the P760s are, we reckon it’s likely to be category one players who’ll get the best out of them. Most category two players, plus any golfer wanting to add a smidgen more distance, are highly likely to be a better fit for the superb P790s.

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How TaylorMade irons compare in data

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

TaylorMade P790 iron

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

RRP: £1,299

Construction: Hollow body, with 4140 forged face and 8620 cast body

Who are they for?

TaylorMade would hope a slightly narrower audience than the original P790, which ended up in the hands of +4 and 24 handicappers – and everyone in between!

By reducing offset a fraction in the longer irons, and making the short irons a little more compact, this new design is tailored more to the eye of the above-average golfer. But they’re still brilliant.

They boast great looks, reasonably strong lofts, fast, flexible faces and, thanks to some internal tungsten weighting, there’s also a decent-sized dollop of forgiveness mixed in, too.

With the exception of the  SIM Max OS, which has a 3.5° stronger 7-iron loft, the P790s are TaylorMade’s fastest and longest irons. And our data shows similar drop-offs in carry to the super game improving SIM Max OS which, considering the player’s iron size and shaping, is a hell of a trick to pull off.

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TaylorMade SIM Max iron

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

RRP: £899 (s) £1,049 (g)

Construction: One-piece cast 450 stainless steel

Who are they for?

Criticism has been levelled at cavity back irons for years, and what irks most is how their design means sound is very different to traditional forged models.

Well, TaylorMade set out on a mission to solve the issue with the SIM Max irons. And, thanks to a new concertina-shaped dampener behind the face, the impact sound and vibration pattern created is virtually identical to the forged P760.

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The SIM Max 7-iron is 1.5° weaker than the SIM Max OS, so if it’s ultimate distance you’re after at a reasonable swing speed then the OS might be a better fit. But, given the choice, we think a lot of club golfers will warm to the look of the Max’s slightly lower offset, and more compact size.

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How do they compare - Handicap Guide

Brands hate giving an indication of which handicap of golfer each iron typically suits, as it pigeon-holes their models. We've given each a handicap guide below though to help ensure you buy the set most suited to your ability.

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

TaylorMade P790 Ti iron

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

RRP: £2,699 (s) £2,899 (g)

Construction: Hollow body, 9-1-1 titanium body with machined 6-4 titanium face

Who are they for?

Judging by some of the comments on our YouTube channel, the P790 Ti are a good fit for “well-heeled hackers”. But we’d argue that thanks to a titanium chassis the Ti brings a lot to the table for club golfers who can spend £2,700 on a set of irons.

A massive tungsten weight, of up to 117g (it’s the black bit low down on the back of the iron) makes the P790 Ti so, so easy to launch from the turf to maximise carry at average swing speeds. In the right hands, it also takes forgiveness to levels you can’t get to with a traditional steel chassis.

So, if you’re a golfer who’s tried buying some extra distance with strong-lofted irons before, but struggled launching shots high enough, or with good levels of backspin to stop shots on a green, then this beautiful set of could well have the answer for you.

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TaylorMade SIM Max OS iron

Which TaylorMade Iron Suits Me?

RRP: £899 (s) £1,049 (g)

Construction: One-piece cast 450 stainless steel

Who are they for?

Realistically, a lot of club golfers, and especially those hunting distance. The OS are TaylorMade’s strongest-lofted irons ever, but whereas strong lofts used to raise doubts over playability, TaylorMade insist they’re now a necessity.

Weight tech has reached such a point that shots fly too high with too much spin (which robs distance) if you don’t make use of them. And the numbers the OS produced on our launch monitor were utterly obscene. The fastest TaylorMade iron ball speed by 4.8mph... the longest TaylorMade iron carry by eight yards... and a full 31 yards longer than the Tiger Woods muscleback.

All that power comes while peaking shots out higher and dropping shots onto a green from a slightly steeper angle than the Tiger blade, too. As you’d expect, the OS is great at protecting carry distance drop-off, making them very playable on the course for lots of golfers.    

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