How often should you replace your golf grips?


We put the key golf grip questions to Golf Pride’s expert, Craig Watson

How often should I change my golf grips?

We recommend that if you play at least once a week, get your grips changed once a year. The compound in the rubber soon breaks down with the sweat in your hands and the weather conditions.

Does golf grip size matter? 

If the grip is too big for you, there’s an adage that your hands will struggle to square the clubface at impact. Whereas if the grips are too small, there’s a danger that the hands will be too active and initiate an early release.

As a general rule, the fingers on your left hand should just be touching the pad below your left thumb. If there is a big overlap where the fingers meet, you probably need an extra layer of tape to stop the club twisting in the hands.

How often should you clean your golf grips? 

Giving your grips a clean once a month will help to prolong their usability, but be careful how much soap you use. Too much and the chemicals tend to break down the compounds. Hot water and a scrubbing brush is best.

Pat them dry, rather than rub them, to keep that tacky texture.


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