Shot 3: The Semi Rough


While the straight edges and sharp angles of an iron tend to get snagged up in longer grass, the rounded shape of the hybrid allows it to sweep through. Yes, the longer grass will take some heat out of the impact, but if you can maintain your balance and rhythm you should be able to get the ball 150 yards or more up the fairway… and perhaps even to the front of the green.


Whenever the ball is sitting down, our tendency is to dig it out. This however is one situation where that’s a bad policy. The club’s slender crown-to-sole profile means there is a real danger of going under the ball, or perhaps skying it, if your attack angle gets too steep.


To find a shallower and more effective attack angle, make two or three practice swings away from the ball but in similar-length grass. Focus on sending the clubhead forward through the grass, and gain some feel and trust for how it sweeps through without tangling. Take that same smooth, wide-based action into your actual swing.


If club players go wrong with this shot, it is usually through trying to force the ball out of the longer grass. Hitting too hard generally means loss of posture, rhythm and control. So instead focus on maintaining your address angles throughout your action, maintain your height and trust the club’s ability to sweep through the grass.

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