Four simple steps to the perfect golf grip


Knowing how to grip the golf club correctly is one of the game’s fundamentals and crucial to creating a good golf swing that will help you lower your scores and handicap.

Follow this four-step process to ensure your golf grip is better than ever.

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1. Add a kink to the lead wrist

How to create the perfect golf grip - step one

Place your gloved hand to the side of the grip, the badge looking broadly at your target. Push your knuckles towards your target to create a slight kink in the wrist. Allow your fingers to curl around. Your thumb pointing down to the crook of your index finger.

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2. Heel pad to index crease

How to create the perfect golf grip - step two

That subtle wrist kink builds a neat handle-sized zone between the glove’s heel pad and the little finger. Slot the grip into that zone, under the heel, and angle the handle so it runs against the main crease of the index finger. Fold the fingers around the grip.

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3. Form a question mark

How to create the perfect golf grip - step three

Now place your lower hand to the side of the grip, ensuring the palm of the hand is looking at your target. Create a question mark-like shape with the index finger; this arranges the fingers ideally for how they need to go on the club.

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4. Unite the hands

How to create the perfect golf grip - step four

Keep that ‘question mark’ intact as you place your hand against the club. Let the gloved thumb fit into the fleshy centre of your trail palm, and let your trail-hand little finger sit in the groove between gloved index and middle fingers. Make it secure, but not tight.

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