A-Z Putting (E): Easy Two Putt


Become a better lag putter to give yourself easy two-putts more often

This Tip comes from top 50 Teacher gareth Johnston Calcot Park, Berkshire PGA Professional and Director of Golf at Calcot Park

The ability to lag putts dead from distance is far more about learning to trust your senses of sight and feel than gaining any specific technical skill. The drill detailed here is designed to help you do just that. Its key element is that you are hitting putts from constantly changing distances. This gets you into the habit of using your eyes to gauge distance, and sharpens up the neural pathways that allow your brain to go to work on the right information. Here’s how it works.

1. Random Lengths

Set up a series of putts at random lengths between five and 30ft. Stagger them so the shorter putts do not block the path of the longer putts. Now place a reference no more than 2ft behind the hole. I’ve used a semi-circle but a clubshaft or alignment cane will work just as well.

2. Pace Chase

Now move randomly up and down your line, taking each putt in turn. Try to get each ball to nish between the hole and your back marker. The first time you fail, start again. See how many goes it takes you to achieve the full set, mark it down as your personal best, then try to beat it.

3. Judgment Day

With every putt setting you a new pace judgment challenge, you cannot fall into the trap of just repeating or tailoring the speed you applied to the previous effort. Repeat this drill and you will hone your ability to translate what your eyes are telling you into appropriate force… exactly what you need for lag putting.

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