Tiger Woods’ new golf swing


Tiger Woods’ swing is ready to win more majors

Before his 2019 Masters victory, Tiger Woods hadn’t won a Major since 2008. That year, he started just seven events, winning five of them (including the US Open) and finishing second at the Masters. His worst finish was a fifth-place. He’d been the world’s No.1 player almost uninterrupted for a decade. His swing was regarded as better than textbook.

Now in his mid-40s and the wrong side of multiple back surgeries, surely it’s unfathomable to think his swing could be better now than it was a decade ago?

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“The new swing is just generally better, in every aspect,” says Sinjin Macnab, a tour coach certificated by Tiger’s former right-hand man Hank Haney. “He’s getting more power than before, and it’s easier on his body. He’s kept all the good stuff from Hank Haney and Butch Harmon, but most importantly, he’s just swinging the club now, not trying to brutalise everything. If more people swung it like this, they’d be able to play golf for longer. You talk about whether he can make the Nicklaus record… I’d put money on it.”

Here’s how Tiger Woods’ golf swing has changed in the last decade:


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