Golf Test: Branden Grace


South African superstar Branden Grace was the first man to shoot 62 in a major championship, but that’s FIVE SHOTS WORSE than his best ever round! 

Grace is the latest golfer to take part in our Golf Test, where we find out everything from whether he's ever had a hole in one to whether he's played any pranks on tour.

Read below to find out how he got on!

Have you ever rushed on to the 1st tee just before your tee time?

Yes. I always tend to keep it on the late side. I've got a joke going with my caddie Zach [Rasego] as he's always saying to me, 'Branden, we've got to go.' I tell him they can wait for me, to which he normally replies: 'You're more than welcome to start a couple of shots behind the field if you want.' He always worries.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

Two – both in China actually which is pretty funny. I have never won anything for it. In 2015, we played in the BMW in China and the i8 had just been released. I told Zach if I hit it in, I will definitely take the car. I managed to do it on the pro-am day, but of course it was one day too early. That was a pity!
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever shot a 59 or better?

I shot a 57 during a practice round on the Sunshine Tour. I was seven or eight-under through nine. I was only going to play nine but I thought, bugger that, I want to see how low I can go. I finished 13-under for the round.
TG Score: Eagle

Have you ever run out of balls?

I have not thankfully, touch wood! I always take 12 balls when I play so if I ever run out, something has gone drastically wrong!
TG Score: Par

Have you ever shanked a shot before?

Oh yes. I had one in Abu Dhabi in 2015. I was standing on the 7th hole, a par 3 with the water right. There was a guy on his phone who was irritating me. Everybody was trying to keep him quiet, but I stood over the shot, lost focus and hit it straight out of the hosel and into the dam. One of the most frustrating doubles ever.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever scored double digits on one hole?

I have indeed. As an amateur, I made an 11 and it was very painful especially as it was a pro-am type of event in Durban and I was playing alongside South Africa's then No.1 cricket player, Jonty Rhodes.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever five putted?

I haven't five-putted, but I did unfortunately four putt the par-3 6th – with the big sloping green – in last year's Masters at Augusta. Once again, thanks for bringing all these bad memories flooding back!
TG Score: Par

Have you ever found your ball in an unusual place?

Yes, I have indeed. I've actually found my ball stuck in the base of an old tree about a yard off the ground. The tree trunk was split near the bottom and my ball was lodged right in the middle of it. Needless to say, it was unplayable.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever broken a club in anger?

No. That's something I am proud to say. I've broken a couple of clubs when I've hit a shot and the clubhead has own off. But when I was growing up, my dad was very strict like that and said: 'If you break your own clubs, you will have to buy your own clubs.'
TG Score: Par

Have you ever played a prank on a fellow golfer?

Just small things like stealing a guy's socks or belt in the physio truck. I have seen a lot of pranks where people have put the banana in the bag and it's gone all squishy and wrecked the grips.
TG Score: Birdie