Nike VR PRO Forged wedge


RRP: £99
LOFTS: 10 loft and bounce options (48 to 60 degrees); two finishes (brushed oxide, satin chrome)

TECH TALK The idea behind having more grooves that are deeper and narrower is to provide more points of contact for increased spin. The VR Pro Forged offers nearly twice as many grooves as last year’s model as well as a consistent cross-hatch pattern between the grooves. The deeper grooves provide more room to channel away debris for cleaner contact.


L “You could work the face open or closed without digging.” … “The controlled jump to the face doesn’t let the ball get away from you.”

M “Distance control on pitches and chips is really nice.” … “It was popping chips like they were putts.”

HOT We applaud the creativity of this approach to the new groove rule. Also, don’t overlook the precision stamping process used to create this groove pattern.

NOT With reduced spin, you’ll need higher lofts than Nike offers.

Performance: 4
Innovation: 4
Look/Sound/Feel: 3.5
Demand: 2.5

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