Dynamic duo make marathon charity effort


Golfing vets Arthur Bell and Geoff Mace have just completed an incident-packed dawn to dusk golfing marathon in aid of charity at Cotswold Hills GC, Cheltenham.

On a rare sunny summer's day, the dynamic duo began at the official sunrise time of 0440. Said Arthur: "Our original aim was to try to play 100 holes before dark. We had done that by teatime, so decided to soldier on and as our ages totalled 140, we would try to play 140 holes."

Things were going according to plan but then stragedy struck. Explained Arthur: "After 108 holes, Jules, who is Geoff's partner, was driving my buggy for a while. She offered to rake the bunker for me on the 2nd.

"However, as she went into the bunker, she slipped on the slope, twisted over the rake and we were sure that she had broken her ankle. An ambulance was called while she was taken back to the Clubhouse in a buggy.

"Of course, Geoff felt that he couldn’t continue, so travelled to the hospital with Jules. But I was determined to finish the 140 holes and Chris Kerridge, joined me for the remainder of the day.

"We carried on and completed 140 holes by 8.30pm, when we finally called it a day."

The marathon is expected to raise about £700 for the local Sue Ryder Hospice and Lupus UK.

Added Arthur: "Almost every member of our golf club has known someone who has spent their final days in the Hospice and some years ago, Geoff lost a very young wife, who had been suffering from Lupus, so these two charities are both very close to our hearts."

Twenty four hours later Arthur was in action in the Club Seniors Open, starting at 8.38am. "Needless to say, my score was not great and my swing not as fluid as the day before!" he admitted. 

Footnote: Unlucky Jules had in fact broken both her tibia and fibula and is now sporting a full leg plaster.