Mar30 turfchopper


Here’s your big chance to become the coolest golfer down at your club: The innovative Turf Chopper – an electric powered single seat buggy, sharply designed to look like a small three-wheeled motorbike – is set to hit British fairways in the near future.

The Turf Chopper is made and produced by BridgeBurg Golf in Canada close to the US border and has proved a big hit on the other side of the Atlantic. And company manager Michael Mazza revealed to that the Turf Chopper will soon be in action in the UK. “The response we’ve had to the Turf Chopper has been amazing and though that’s primarily been in Canada and America, we’ve also had some interested customers in Europe.”

The Turf Chopper is fully electric, supporting two 12 volt batteries and has an electronically engaging braking system which allows you to stop without rolling, even on the steepest of slopes.

Also, you can start your round by walking and finishing it aboard the Turf Chopper which, in seconds, can convert into a cracking motorised trolley. And despite the name, the Turf Chopper is very golf course-friendly – it weighs under 150lbs fully loaded and its smooth acceleration means it doesn’t leave any unsightly tyre marks.

But if you fancy riding and playing in style you’ll have to fork out nearly a grand (($1,900) for the pleasure. Check out for more details.



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