Mizuno iron review


Mizuno MP-57 irons
Retail: £599
Contact: 0118 936 2100

Mizuno’s history for producing super sexy forged irons, such as the new Mizuno MP57, is a long and rich one. If you’ve dreamt of owning a set but always had a niggling doubt in your mind that you might not be quite good enough to use them effectively, then you’ll be pleased to know the Mizuno MP-57’s are the most forgiving MP clubs the company has ever made. So like us if you’ve put off getting a set of the delicious MP-60’s for fear your ball striking wasn’t consistent enough then these should be right up your street.  

Each iron is crafted with the usual Mizuno attention paid to every little detail being perfect. The Mizuno MP57 heads are classically shaped at address, with quite a strong thick top edge and a lovely silky smooth high chrome finish. The beauty of the set lies in the deeper cavity back which allows extra weight to be positioned around the golf club’s perimeter helping make them more forgiving when your shots don’t hit the centre of the face. Mizuno told us the set sit between the MP-60’s and MX-25’s in terms of playability so their likely to suit most golfers upto about a 12 handicapper. If you’ve been ummming and arghhhing for ages over whether to get a better player set of irons these could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

At the time of going to press Mizuno couldn’t confirm which would be their stock shafts in the set, but the choices look to be either the tried and tested Dynamic Gold or the popular Project X which we reckon will make the clubs an even more attractive purchase. Expect to see sets arriving in golf shops in late autumn, If your interested we would suggest booking a fitting session at one of Mizuno’s three national fitting centres (Leatherhead, Wrexham or Scotland) to ensure you get a set which matches your game perfectly.     

Mizuno MX-950 irons
£649 (steel) £749 (graphite)
Contact: 0118 936 2100

Mizuno might specialize in making brilliant better player irons, but its easy to forget they also make some decent game improvement irons for the average golfer as well. The Mizuno MX-950 is a true hybrid set (mix of hybrids, deep cavity mid irons and good looking short irons) and have been designed to make the game easier and more enjoyable for those of us who struggle to hit traditional long irons consistently. But who don’t want to play with a set of clubs which look like shovels!

The three and four irons in the set are replaced with wider body hybrids which with their lower and deeper centre of gravity makes hitting higher and more consistent shots over a 170 yards a dam sight easier. The five, six and seven irons have deep cavity backs to maximise forgiveness and make the clubs extremely playable. Whilst the short irons transform into good looking user friendly scoring clubs.

The whole set is forged like the rest of Mizuno’s super soft iron range so expect great feel without the difficulty or worry of hitting a more demanding club. Its still to be confirmed but Mizuno mentioned for those golfers who already own a couple of hybrids (long iron replacements) they may make the set available from 5 iron to pitch wedge to save buying golf clubs which you might not use. Expect to see these appearing in the shops very soon.

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