FootJoy AQL Style Golf Shoe


After a highly successful debut year in 2007, FootJoy have launched a new style of AQL shoes for the forthcoming season.

The lightweight performance waterproof shoe is available in a range of funky new colour combinations, with the “white smooth leather with rust waxy saddle” style being one of the most popular in the pre-booked order list.

European Marketing Manager Richard Fryer said: “It was a fantastic first year for the AQL range, highlighted by the number of units sold and the fact that almost one out of five golf shoes sold in the UK is an AQL from FootJoy.”

And while the new AQL is comfortable, waterproof and top drawer in terms of performance, you won’t need to remortgage the house to afford them. With a retail price of £65, these are great shoes for a fair price.

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New FootJoy AQL Style Golf Shoe

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