new proquip hydratech


Proquip release a new wave, ‘body-con’ style waterproof with fusion fabric technology

The Hydratech features new wave, body-configured style with fusion fabric technology. A sharp-cut rain suit with clean, narrow lines and deluxe styling detail configures to the golfer’s body, for an athletic, fitted, standout look.

Its modern edge, technical design and structure features fusion technology, combining ProQuip’s award-winning Silk Touch, Ultralite and Liberty fabrics for virtually silent, light-as-air performance with stylish sheen and drape.

Style: body-con
Body configured is the new ultra stylish look defined by:
• Sharp cut – stylish, athletic
• Clean, narrow lines – visibly slim, sporty look
• Raglan Sleeves and panelling – cut from collar to underarm, focuses attention on chest and torso
• Deluxe style details – including contrast coloured side panels and body configuring size adjustors for tailored, fitted look
• Confident colours and contrasts – contemporary, stylish offset to black body colour 

• Ultra stylish sheen and drape – confidence in appearance

Technology: fabric fusion
Fusion technology is the synthesis of ProQuip’s award winning, exclusively developed fabrics, combining Silk Touch, Ultralite and Liberty. The modern edge, technical design and structure comprises:
• Ultra-soft, stretchable inner lining – light-as-air feeling
• Lightweight, silk-like outer fabric – clutter-free drape, unrestricted movement and virtually silent performance during the swing
• High performance, Teflon treated waterproof outer – three year waterproof guarantee
• Soft, deep matt finish and sheen – stylish, fitted drape

The Hydratech suit will be available in 5 colours including Black/Sea Blue and Grey/Black and is available at an RRP of £199.

The company have also announced that it has retained its position as the number one selling rain suit brand in the UK, according to the latest sales figures from golf industry analysts Sports Marketing Surveys Ltd. For more info on the Proquip range, just contact 01620 892219 or visit