Callaway I MIX driver


Callaway Golf has unveiled a new driver that marks a major breakthrough in do-it-yourself club customisation.

The I-MIX technology driver captilises on the R&A’s rule change on club adjustability, giving golfers a driver they can customise to suit their game, every time they play.

Golfers will buy the components for the I-MIX driver separately – either the Callaway Golf FT-i or FT-5 head and shafts of their choice. With 1,400 shaft-head combinations golfers will have the flexibility to quickly customise their driver to meet the various challenges of each round.

“Our new I-MIX technology gives golfers the same access and ability to experiment and optimise their equipment that tour professionals have,” said Jeff Colton, senior vice president of research and development for Callaway Golf. “No-one’s swing is the same from day-to-day neither are the weather or course conditions. Our I-MIX technology gives everyone the ability to quickly and easily customise their equipment, every time they play.”

Callaway I-MIX adjustable driver

In addition to the clubhead and shaft options, I-MIX technology includes Callaway Golf’s Opti-Fit weighting system, which lets golfers choose a draw or neutral shot shape bias.

Callaway Golf’s new I-MIX technology will be in shops early spring with the FT-5 and FT-i clubheads retailing at £279 and £299 respectively and shaft prices ranging from £99 to £299.

Callaway I-MIX adjustable driver


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