Orange Whip Core Muscle Training Aid


They say:

Each end of the Orange Whip has a unique weighting system that works together with the flexible shaft to improve your golf swing and physical fitness. The Orange Whip conditions the user to maintain balance and swing in an athletic, rhythmical motion that creates power, accuracy and consistency.

Wayne’s (TG reader) verdict:

I found the Orange Whip way too whippy. Despite following the instructions to start with small quarter and half swings, allowing momentum to build up into full swings, it was still a hard task to swing in control. The weight of the whip meant it was pretty heavy, too, and that made swinging with rhythm. Another downside was the space needed to swing it, which virtually ruled out indoor use, so I could only use it on the range or in the garden. The only good thing was that when I reverted to swinging my driver, it was so light that I found increasing my swing pace easier. And with a faster tempo, my shots were struck with more conviction.

Distance gained: 8 yards

Price: £59.95

Contact: 08545 0506545

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