Pro Swing Weight Training Aid


They say:

The Pro Swing Weight is the ideal pre-round practice aid. The slip-free Velcro securely attaches to any club shaft, adding weight to your iron or wood. Swinging a heavy club helps to synchronise your swing to the flex of the shaft, promoting a proper followthrough and strengthening your golf muscles, adding power and consistency to your drives.

Wayne’s (TG reader) verdict:

The Pro Swing Weight is one of only a few training aids you can actually use while hitting balls, and that makes a huge difference. I love the fact it’s small enough to pop in the pocket of your gold bag and attach to any club as a warm up tool. I hooked the weight around the bottom of the shaft of my driver and made a few slow swings before each round, which worked very effectively. Once I took the weight off, my driver felt like a toothpick and instantly hit through the hitting area faster, delivering more clubhead speed and a definite increase in distance. At just £9.95 you really can’t go wrong – every golfer should carry one in their bag.

Distance gained: 18 yards

Price: £9.95

Contact: 0845 0506545

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