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Thanks to ever improving equipment designed to make our best shots even better and keep our poor shots out of trouble, golfers have never had it so good! Increased MOI (moment of intertia) designs, to keep clubs online through impact and straighten out our shots are what it’s all about right now and there’s no better example of this game-improvement technology than in the new Cleveland HiBORE Xli irons.

Following on from the original Cleveland HiBORE irons, the new Cleveland HiBORE Xli irons are the only hybrid iron clubs with a full hollow construction through the whole set. This is to provide a consistent feel and seamless transition from the three iron right through to the wedge.

A progressive offset and sole width also helps proper ball striking by encouraging a shallow angle of attack for long irons and steeper attack angle towards the shorter irons. There’s also a bit of heel and toe relief to help reduce turf drag and give you a bit more control.

The Cleveland Xli have a Distance Driven Geometry design to lowering the crown which, in also lowers and deepends the centre of gravity. In theory, this results in tons of forgiveness, easy high launches and distance. Although, these might not be for everyone, we think they could be a great option for golfers who dread using their irons and much prefer the chunkier feel of a hybrid.

We’ll be putting them through their paces online very soon so keep checking back here for the video!

The Cleveland HiBORE Xli irons cost £549 in graphite and £475 in steel and will be available towards the end of October.

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