Cleat Skin golf shoe shell


New Cleat Skins Golf Shoe Sole Covers

As amateur golfers, we generally aren't very good with the maintenance of our gear. When was the last time you had your clubs re-gripped? When was the last-time you had your wedges re-grooved? When was the last time you changed the spikes or cleats in your shoes?

And while many of us are better when it comes to taking care of our clubs, shoes are often the one vital piece of gear that gets neglected. But a new firm which is just about to launch its' product to the European market is Cleatskins.

In short, Cleatskins are a revolutionary new accessory if you like that helps to take care of your soles and protect them from abrasive surfaces by simply slipping a durable rubber shell over the sole of the shoe after you finish your round.

And it's not just all about protecting the cleats - Cleatskins basically transform your shoes into a pair of trainers so you can drive home straight from the course, rather than having to change back into your pre-golf shoes.

It's certainly one of the more bizarre inventions we found at this year's PGA Merchandise Show but if you're tired of your cleats getting damaged, you could do alot worse than log onto for more details.