Cobra S9-1 driver


Cobra fans be prepared to empty your bank accounts because the company has just thrown the covers off the cool-as-you-like Cobra S9-1 driver range.

The new Tour version of the Cobra S9 driver has already shown the best of the best the way in the hands of new Mercedes Benz Championship winner Geoff Ogilvy and in just a few weeks time it could be yours!

The more traditional-shaped drivers features a large face and sits beautifully behind the ball, bucking the recent trend of trying to create bigger and bigger headed models.

The Cobra S9-1 range is headed up by the Cobra S9-1 Pro S and Pro D. The Pro S driver. It is  tuned to give extreme-ball-speed players high launch, low spin and added workability to optimize their distance and accuracy.

The Cobra S9-1 Pro D, used by Ogilvy to claim the Mercedes Benz on its first outing, has been designed for very accomplished players who need exacting tools to fully maximize their high level of skill. The S9-1 Pro D features a deep face design that generates high launch and low spin and looks much smaller to the eye, giving top players the ability to really work the ball.

The Cobra S9-1 F is next in line, designed to optimize fast-ball-speed players’ distance and accuracy by providing a slight draw-bias ball flight, high launch
and low-to-mid spin.

The S9-1 range is then completed by the Cobra S-91 M Driver, tuned to give moderate-ball-speed players unmatched distance and forgiveness, via maximum-draw-bias head design and lighter shafts, promoting extra-high launch and mid spin.

Expect to see it in the shops next month priced at an RRP of £227, which will mean a realistic selling price of around £199. That's quite a lot of driver for the money in our eyes!

While the technology available in Cobra’s 2009 line of drivers is impressive,
it isn’t fully maximized until it’s paired with the right player type and the right
ball speed. To find out which driver maximizes your player’s swing, simply
determine his average ball speed, swing speed or drive distance and refer
to the chart below. It only takes a few steps to unleash the full performance
of a Cobra driver, while tapping the full potential of each player’s game.

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