Titleist ready their prototype Vokey SM4 wedges for Tour testing


Titleist engineers have been busy getting their new prototype Vokey Design SM4 wedges ready for their army of Tour players to test next week at The Barclays.

Tour testing or "validation" as Titleist call it, is a big part of their process as they take design concepts from the drawing board, into Tour players hands and then eventually onto the shelves for consumers to buy.

Master craftsman Bob Vokey and his team have been working over the last few weeks to build wedges to each of their staff player's specifictions, including custom sole grinds, so that players can begin testing in the heat of competition.

But for the last year, Titleist Brand Ambassadors such as Adam Scott, Nick Watney and Rickie Fowler have also been taking part in the testing and performance validation process for the prototype SM4 wedges at Titleist's Oceanside test facility in California, offering ongoing feedback on a new groove design and profile improvements, as well as new lofts, bounce options and sole grinds.

See the images above for a sneak peek of the new protoype SM4 wedges.