Nike unveils new VR-S game-improver irons


It's a good time of year to be buying new golf equipment because lots of manufacturers are launching their new clubs, and Nike's VR-S irons will certainly tick a lot of boxes for game-improvers.

The new irons feature Nike's recently-developed NexCOR face technology that offers greater distance throughout the set.

But it's not just about yardage - the new VR-S clubs can also boast an impressive rate of forgiveness around the middle and lower portions of the face, where lots of mis-hits occur.

As you might expect from a game-improver prdouct, a great deal of weight has been moved to the extremities of the clubhead, meaning a higher MOI too.

We'll be testing these soon so look out for a video detailing how well they went.

INFORMATION: The new clubs are priced at £399.95 in steel, and an extra £100 in graphite.