Motocaddy link up with Tour Fit for Golf


Motocaddy has become an official partner of the Tour Fit for Golf programme, a scheme designed to improve the health and performance of golfers.

The programme was launched in conjunction with The European Tour Performance Institute and has been devised by JJ Rivet, the Biomechanics Consultant to the European Tour.

Rivet's work proves that carrying a bag or pulling a trolley changes your physiological walking action and therefore disrupts the balancing effect of the shoulder muscles that the golf swing relies upon.

"Players can be picking up or putting down bags more than 100 times every round and this has a direct effect on the leg and hip muscles connected to the shoulder movements for a golf swing," said Rivet.

"You never see a tournament professional carrying a bag or pulling a trolley in practice rounds because these guys understand the importance of optimising performance," added Rivet.

Motocaddy chairman David Wells was delighted to be working in partnership with the programme, adding: "Motocaddy is delighted to become an official partner of the Tour Fit for Golf Programme. Research shows that tiredness actually comes from pulling or carrying clubs - rather than playing - and so we're seeing an increase in golfers opting to use an electric trolley to improve their game."

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