Under Armour launch new range of performance mouthwear


Under Armour have released a new piece of equipment designed to help lower your scores on the golf course - a mouthpiece.

The product is designed to fit onto your lower jaw inside your mouth and prevent you clenching your teeth, which experts say leads to muscle tightening and stress.

Under Armour say that when you train and compete, including swinging a golf club, your natural reaction is to clench your jaw. It’s part of the “fight or flight” wiring of your brain. Your clenched jaw and teeth compress your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), triggering the release of excess amounts of performance-sapping hormones (like cortisol) that produce stress, fatigue and distraction.

But the UA Bitetech mouthpiece prevents your jaw from compressing the TMJ therefore preventing the release of excess cortisol into the body.

PGA Tour player Hunter Mahan has been using the moutpiece in training and says: "It has increased my strength, power and heightened my accuracy."

While European Tour star Ross Fisher added: "The ArmourBite™ is another example of how Under Armour keeps on pushing the boundaries of athletic performance. I have been testing the ArmourBite™ mouthpiece in recent weeks and am intrigued by the technology."

Today's Golfer will be testing the new UA Performance Mouthwear and will report back in a future issue. But if you have used the technology please feel free to leave your feedback in the reviews section of the website.

For more information on the UA Performance Mouthwear visit www.underarmour.com