The Extra 20 Yards generation two is launched


The Extra 20 Yards have launched a new version of their revolutionary golf fitness and training aid after a successful launch of the first product.

The device, which promises to add 20 yards to your drives by building up the powerful muscles around your core, sold out within just nine months of going to market and the developers have now launched a new, improved version which they expect to be just as popular.

The design team has been able to incorporate all of the feedback from equipment editors, Tour players and their coaches to create a second generation device.

The main difference is the introduction of a switch mechanism at the top of the unit that now allows you to exercise both the left and right sides of your body.  This means that regular users can develop muscles symmetrically and left-handed golfers – traditionally the poor relation when it comes to golf equipment – can use it for the first time.

Simon Yates, Asian Tour Winner and user of the product said: “The new generation of the Extra 20 Yards® has really impressed me. The designers have incorporated all of the feedback from Tour players such as myself, consumers and the media to create an even better version of the product. It’s great to see that left hand players are catered for as well.”

The Extra 20 Yards is a patented product, made and designed by a leading manufacturer of gym equipment and retails at £229 + vat.

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