Callaway unveil Hex Black Tour and Hex Chrome golf balls


Callaway have released two new golf balls for 2012 including the five-piece premium Hex Black Tour and the three-piece Hex Chrome balls.

Both balls feature a new proprietory thermoplastic urethane cover which Callaway say, at 0.034", is the thinnest moulded TPU cover on the market and incredibly soft and durable. The thin cover increases greenside feel and spin according to the company while also featuring UV stability so it stays brilliant white even after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Under the skin the balls are different with the Hex Black Tour featuring five layers. It has been introduced to replace both the Tour i(s) and Tour i(z) balls and according to Callaway spins more than the Tour i(s) and is longer than the Tour i(z).

The Hex Chrome is a three-piece ball that is designed to offer the same performance in terms of driving distance and greenside spin and feel as the Hex Tour Black but for moderate clubhead speeds.

Both balls also feature Callaway's exclusive hexagonal dimple pattern, which is designed to give the dimples greater surface area coverage compared to a traditional pattern with circular dimples.

We've got more information on the balls in the next issue of Today's Golfer magazine, on sale January 26, 2012, including what each layer is designed to do and how it affects performance.

Later this week we'll also be uploading some exclusive videos with Steve Ogg, Callaway's vice president of Golf Ball Design, where he talks us through the development of both new balls.