Adams Golf launch super-game improver Idea hybrid irons


Adams Golf’s new Idea hybrid irons have been inspired by research which revealed that the majority of 15+ handicap golfers make contact nearly half an inch towards the toe, not on the club’s sweet spot. To that end, its new super-game improvement irons are specifically designed to enhance the ball speed in the area where those players need it most. 

The new irons feature its patented gapping technology, where a hybrid, transitional iron and cavity iron appear in the same set. But to enhance forgiveness in the irons, Adams has introduced a revolutionary wraparound slot designed to increase ball speeds on toe strikes.

The new slot design creates a spring-like effect across the entire face, expanding the sweet spot. Compared to its predecessor, the Idea a12 OS Hybrid Irons, the New Idea Hybrid Irons provide 44% more ball speed on off-center hits and 24% more ball speed on flush shots, because of increased flex from the unsupported faces. 

“With a concentration on developing technology that golfers really need, we created these industry-first wraparound slots on the toe to compensate for a very common mis-hit,” said Justin Honea, Senior Director of Research and Development. “New Idea irons are definitely our easiest to hit, with measurable improvements in ball speeds and forgiveness where players require it most.”

The standard set of the New Idea starts with hybrids (4-5-6) that feature the company’s Cut-Thru sole slots located behind the face, visible on the crown and sole of the clubs. The refined slot design generates increased ball speeds, higher launch and additional distance, most notably on off-center shots, compared to previous Iron hybrids.

The hybrids also feature Adams’ patented upside-down shape seen in the Tight Lies fairway wood that puts more surface area lower on the face of the club where golfers generally make contact with the ball. This creates a lower center of gravity that helps the ball launch higher, while reducing spin, for better distance results.  

A significant difference between New Idea Hybrid Irons and past models is the new wraparound slot technology. With transitional hybrid irons (7-8) in the set, these clubs bridge the gap between the hybrids and short irons. The 270° slots start from the heel area and cover the sole around the club head to the topline – allowing the unsupported face to flex for higher ball speeds and more forgiveness no matter where the ball is struck on the face.

Details: Available November 2013. RRP £599 graphite (Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara Eagle Series 65g) and £499 steel (True Temper Dynalite 85g). New Idea individual Hybrids will ship at the same time with an RRP of £129.00. 

See more details and images in the next issue of Today's Golfer magazine.