Yorkshire golfer fires ace in first round after being fitted for Bridgestone ball


Golfer Rich Warnes became the second player in just 10 days to record a hole-in-one in his first round after being fitted for a new Bridgestone golf ball when he hit an ace at Hainsworth Park Golf Club in Brandesburton, East Yorkshire at the weekend. 

Following in the footsteps of Irishman David Donnelly who recently had a hole-in-one at Ashbourne Golf Club in County Meath, 6-handicapper Warnes produced a stroke of magic to ace Hainsworth Park’s 165-yard 16th hole with the Bridgestone e6 ball that he’d been fitted for prior to teeing off in his home club’s Saturday medal. 

“I’m absolutely delighted I made the decision to get fitted before teeing off,” said Warnes, who was fitted for the e6 ball that features an anti-side spin inner layer for straighter and longer shots. “It’s the first time I’ve been fitted for a golf ball and it’s coincided with my first ever hole-in-one!” 

Warnes was one of several players at Hainsworth Park Golf Club to take part in the Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge – a 15-minute process that analyses a golfer’s swing speed, launch angle and spin rates to determine the ball that delivers the most distance and accuracy for them. 

“This was our fourth Bridgestone ball fitting and arguably the most successful with Rich’s hole-in-one,” said Hainsworth Park’s Head Professional Pete Myers, who was fitted for the brand’s B330 ball. “Members and staff here now have a much greater knowledge of golf balls and how they perform thanks to the expert team of Bridgestone fitters.” 

Bridgestone Golf doubled its schedule of ball fitting challenges this year across the UK & Ireland, while it has conducted more than 250,000 live fittings worldwide. For further details about Bridgestone Golf balls and the Ball Fitting Challenge, visit www.bridgestonegolf.com.