Review: adidas Adipower Boost shoes


Adidas’ Boost technology first hit the shelves in 2013 and has gone on to revolutionise the running market.

It now comes to golf in the form of the Adipower range, which the brand is hailing as its most comfortable golf shoes ever.

The ‘Boost’ material in the sole is 50 per cent lighter than EVA and features thousands of visible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) capsules fused together via a high-pressure steam moulding process. These capsules are said to store and release energy through the swing delivering maximum energy return.

But do they? And do they live up to their comfort billing? We took them to Horsley Lodge Golf Club in Derby, where four TG readers put them through their paces.

Our readers were:



Current Shoes 

Mark Rogers


FJ DryJoys

Damian Maye


Ecco Biom Hybrid

Andy Picken


FJ Contour

Jerry Turner


Ecco Biom Hybrid

Q What are your first impressions?

MR: I really liked the modern look and colour.
DM: I had the silver ones which I like as they’re easy to coordinate with lots of different golfing attire.
AP: I thought they looked great and I couldn’t believe how light they were when I lifted them out of the box.
JT: The look is perhaps a bit too modern for me, but the instant comfort outweighed that.

Q Did they deliver on comfort?

MR: Yes. They were lovely to walk around the course in and you can really feel the Boost technology in the heel.
DM: The Boost really works but they were a little bit tight. I’d recommend going for one size larger.
AP: Absolutely. I nearly had to give the game up due to a foot injury a few years ago so comfort is essential for me and these were fantastic.
JT: Very much so. The lightness made them a joy to walk around in.

Q How did they feel during your swing?

MR: I’ve got quite a fast swing and I didn’t feel stable when I really went hard at the ball.
DM: They gave me plenty of grip.
AP: I’ve been working on trying to get on the balls of my feet more during the swing and these really helped with the Boost heel making me lean forward in an athletic position.
JT: They’re light but sturdy and I never felt like I was falling over.

Q Did they clean easily?

MR: They did, but I’d worry about dirt building up around the fixed “gripmore” spikes.
DM: Yes, even though the course was soggy in places. I’d happily wear them all year.
AP: After 20 seconds under the compressor they were spotless.
JT: Yes. The ClimaProof protection works with a few spots of dirt wiping off easily.

Q Will you keep wearing them?

MR: I’ll be sticking with my DryJoys for now, but I’ll try the Adipower Sport as I reckon the spikeless model will give me greater stability.
DM: I will if I can get the sizing right as the two-year waterproofing guarantee is a bonus.
AP: I’ll definitely be sticking with them. The comfort was exceptional and that is huge.
JT: They’re so light that I’ll need a bit of time to get used to them, but the great comfort means I’m happy to do that.

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