NEW GEAR: Titleist launch two new 816 Hybrids


Never before has Titleist launched a hybrid specifically to coincide with a set of their irons hitting the market, but the modern game now dictates it.

Titleist’s explanation is that more sets are being sold from 6-PW and 5-PW, so if a golfers  being fitted it’s a perfect opportunity to look at their long distance gapping, too.

Titleist throw about some interesting data, too. Their research says that hybrids can increase ball speed by 3.5mph, launch 0.3 degree higher, spin 800rpm more so it's easier to flight shots and typically arrive into a green three degrees more steeply than a long iron, so they stop quicker. All very impressive stuff, and in true Titleist tradition there’s two models aimed at distinctly different golfers. 



816 H1

RRP: £205

Both the new hybrids benefit from Titleist’s patented Active Recoil Channel, so expect great ball speeds where ever your impacting shots on the face. The H1 is a rounder head, designed to launch higher and land softer and will typically suit a sweeper of the golf ball. There’s also more face progression which helps get shots airborne and offers all round playability.  




816 H2

RRP: £205

On Tour Titleist reckon the H2 will be taken up by twice as many tour players compared to the H1. It's designed for those that are aggressive on their attack and need improved turf interaction. The head is more compact from face to back with offset like a long iron, which typically hits the ball lower. The standard Titleist Active Recoil Channel helps maintain ball speeds no matter where you hit shots on the face.