Best golf equipment deals of the week


We all know that trying to keep up with the latest and greatest golf equipment can be expensive. With drivers costing upwards of £400, a set of irons setting you back over £1,000, and certain putters costing more than a brand new Audi A3, at times it can seem like golf is a rich man’s game. It’s little wonder the average golfer spends £214 a month playing the game

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can play perfectly good golf with clubs that don’t break the bank. Several top tour pros, with access to the latest technology golf has to offer, have opted for old clubs they feel work for them. That’s why Lee Westwood was using a Ping G10 driver long after it had been superseded, Webb Simpson stuck with a set of Titliest 680 MB irons for over a decade, and Jason Gore made an abatross at last week’s Farmers Insurance Open using a Callaway Big Bertha 3-wood released in 2006. 

If old clubs are good enough for the world’s best golfers, they can do a job for you. We’ve scoured the internet for this week’s best deals on golf clubs and other equipment. Everything is brand new – we don’t want you living with someone else’s scuff marks – but some of it may not be the latest release. Don’t worry: none ot it is more than a year or two old, so it’s not like we’re suggesting you buy a set of hickories and a dozen featheries. 

Happy shopping, and let us know if you spot a cracking deal out there. 

TaylorMade SLDR S Driver – £129.99


TaylorMade’s latest drivers, the M1 and M2, will set you back around £400 and £329 respectively. If that’s beyond your budget, you could pick up an SLDR S for less than a third of the price of the M1. Released only 18 months ago, the SLDR S offers the same low-and-forward centre of gravity as the standard SLDR, but without the adjustable loft. Make sure you get the loft you need and you’ll have a superb, low-spinning driver for a fantastic price. 

TaylorMade SLDR S Driver – price at American Golf

Cleveland Smart Square Putter – £45


You’ll probably be aware that the situation at Direct Golf is a bit of a mess at the moment, but it does mean you can snap up this excellent Cleveland mallet for the incredible price of £45. Just don’t bank on much after-sales service. 

Cleveland Smart Square putter – price at Direct Golf

Callaway Chrome Soft 24 ball pack – £39.99


Even at it’s RRP of £29.99 for a dozen, this ball offers excellent value. To get 24 for £39.99 is unbelievable. It’s a fantastic ball – it got five stars in our reader review – for less than £1.67 per ball. It’s the ball Phil Mickelson uses, for heaven’s sake. What are you waiting for?

Callaway Chrome Soft – price at American Golf

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Black Satin Wedge – Buy one, get one half price OR buy two and get one free


A quality wedge that scooped the silver award in our 2015 wedge test. £84.99 is a fair price, but when you factor in the fact you can get a second one half price, or get a third wedge free if you buy two, you’re onto a cracking deal. Most people buy wedges in twos or threes, so this is a deal worth taking advantage of. 

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Black Satin Wedge – price at Clubhouse Golf

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