Stewart Golf unveil new R1-S Push Trolley


Stewart Golf raised the benchmark for electric trolleys when they launched the X1 Remote well over a decade ago now. They’ve gone on to corner the super premium electric trolley market and since 2014 they've been shaking up the premium push trolley market with the R1 Push too.

For 2016 they’re launching a new R1-S Push trolley which they say has over 40 enhancements over the previous model. The most recognisable update is the addition of some bold colour options, to complement a new anodic black or pearl white frame. Stewart Golf CEO Mark Stewart said “Since the launch of the R1 Push we’ve been inundated with requests for colour options from customers across Great Britain and Europe, so we’re really excited about these new colourways”.

Stewart will also offer their limited ‘Platinum Edition’ frame with all five colour options, meaning you get the choice of 15 variants, guaranteeing a match between your trolley, favourite sports team, golfing outfit or current cart bag.   

The new R1-S Push will retail for £199 when it becomes available in June 2016. For further information visit