Ping Zero Gravity waterproof reader test


Four Today's Golfer readers put the new Ping Zero Gravity waterproof jacket through its paces.

Ping probably isn't the first name to spring to mind when you're looking to buy a new waterproof jacket.

But its new Zero Gravity is the lightest waterproof jacket we've ever come across. So we put it to the test.

The panel: Allan Smith (handicap 11), Dave Rimmer (Handicap 10), Phil Winstanley (Handicap 9), Andy Loeber (Handicap 13).

The product: Ping Zero Gravity half-zip waterproof jacket, RRP £150.

First impressions?

DR: It's the lightest waterproof jacket I've come across. The design is easy on the eye.

PW: Excellent. The jacket looked smart and I liked the colour. I'd certainly have no issues wearing it away from the golf course as well.

AS: I thought it was stylish, really lightweight and it struck me as being very versatile.

AL: We all commented on how light the Zero Gravity was. You can't fail to spot it immediately on picking it up. To me it's not an obvious golf jacket, which is a real plus as I can wear it for everyday life as well.

Ping says the jacket folds down to take up virtually no space in a golf bag – does it?

DR: Thumbs up from me. I even scrunched it up a few times on purpose just to see how it would unfold on the golf course – needless to say it passed the creaseless test.

PW: If limited space was part of the design brief Ping have nailed it. The jacket can be scrunched down to nothing. It's much lighter than my current waterproof jacket.

AS: It certainly doesn't take up any space in a bag, which is a real bonus if you're the type of person who carries a full set of waterproofs, even in the middle of summer.

AL: It's much easier to store in a clothing pocket of a bag than a conventional waterproof jacket.


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So it's light, but how practical is it?

DR: I'd definitely wear it year-round. Its weight means I can layer up and not worry about the top layer being heavy and restricting.

PW: I've not tested the jacket during winter, but I reckon it would be brilliant for layering. It would certainly mean I wouldn't need a wind jacket. At this weight I'd use it for spring, summer and autumn which I might not do with a conventional waterproof.

AS: I'm not sure the jacket would be my choice for winter golf as I like to be toasty. For anything other than super-cold days when a torrential downpour is forecast, it's ideal.

AL: The jacket's ideal for spring, summer and autumn. It's super-light, it's not too hot and it's easy to get on and off in a shower. I wore mine over a polo shirt when the temperature reached 16° and was still comfortable.

Did you have any niggles?

DR: Apart from constantly going for side pockets to put my hands into, no niggles. In my opinion quarter-zip jackets are easier to pull on and off so I don't think other golfers will have any issues here.

PW: It's a personal thing, but I'd prefer the rear pocket to be at the front. I'm used to quarter zip jackets and prefer them.

AS: No. Like Phil I prefer quarter-zip jackets, there just seems to be less material in front of you to get in the way.

AL: I would say full-zip jackets are often seen as more convenient. This is the first I've tried without one, and I'm really impressed.

Would you recommend it to other golfers?

DR: Ping has created a super practical, lightweight waterproof jacket with everything stripped back to bare basics, which certainly isn't a criticism. Yes I'd recommend it, but try to get a decent deal as they're not cheap.

PW: The quality is really good, and it's quiet, which stands out over some waterproofs.
I didn't get wet so I'd recommend them.

AS: The quality is first class, so yes.

AL: The quality is good, I like the attention given to detail like the scorecard pocket at the back and no Velcro cuffs.