Cobra reveal King Oversize iron


Cobra reckon their original King Cobra Oversize irons were the #1 selling iron way back in the mid 90's when they were first introduced.

It’s no surprise then they’ve decided to reintroduce the name in the form of their latest all singing and dancing King Oversize game improver iron.

Make no mistake about it the Oversize is aimed firmly at golfers who desire ultimate forgiveness. There’s a new PWRShell face which is made as a separate part so its thickness and flex potential can be tuned down to the very limits of the law.

Cobra reckon thanks to its construction and how its welded along the sole and top edge its springiness (COR) is very close to that of a driver.  Which means the sweet spots larger so you get higher ball speeds from a bigger area of the face.

A super lower and centred CG helps forgiveness on the new King Oversize irons

The whole set have a hollow body construction which means they play a lot like hybrids, and with the addition of 50g - 70g of tungsten toe weighting (depending on the iron number) you get a super lower and centred CG which helps forgiveness and as Cobra like to say “Easy Up distance”.

The face profile is 12% bigger than Cobra’s current F6 game improvement iron, as well as the overall size being larger to inspire confidence at address and deliver ultimate off-centre hit playability.

The King Oversize might be aimed at the super game improvement golfer but Cobra haven’t turned a blind eye to premium features.

Every club face is fully CNC milled (just like a set of premium irons) so it’s perfectly flat and each groove gets a similar treatment. Cobra’s R&D guys are a crack team of industry experts and they reckon by using V shaped grooves on the 4-6 irons they can lower spin and maximise distance.

While switching to U grooves in the 7-PW and more narrowly spaced grooves in the wedges you get optimised spin for better scoring.

Each King Oversize head is wrapped in a premium nickel chrome finish which delivers a top of the range look, along with better durability for longer.

Standard stock shafts are True Temper XP 85 steel and UST Recoil 460 ES graphite. Expect to see the King Oversize arriving in golf shops from January 13th 2017, with an RRP of £699 (s) £799(g) for a seven piece set.

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