ECCO unveils new 2017 Cage-Pro golf shoe


ECCO Golf has revealed the new 2017 ECCO Cage Pro golf shoe.

The Cage Pro is a spikeless golf shoe that Ecco say utilises their Spydr-Grip sole design to provide outstanding grip and performance.


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As the inventors of the original hybrid golf shoe, ECCO believe they have revolutionised the concept with the introduction of the new performance focused Spydr-Grip outsole.

ECCO say the Spydr-Grip outsole is less aggressive on the greens, so provides outstanding grip and minimises clogging of dirt in the sole

The Cage Pro also features a Hydromax treated upper, made from soft, resistant dritton leather and a redefined direct injected heel cage, that wraps from the heel through the midsole and across the toe box.

According to ECCO the anatomical design of the Cage-Pro aligns and moves in unison with the foot's essential ligaments and muscles and Ecco freedom fit that combines a snug heel setting with a roomier forefoot area that allows toes to move naturally.

Commenting on the design of the Spydr-Grip outsole, Ejnar Truelsen, Chief Designer ECCO Concept Lab, said: "Engineered for optimal traction at the foot's natural pivot points, the ECCO SPYDR-GRIP outsole incorporates an organic design that is easy on the green and minimises clogging of dirt in the sole."

Look out for the ECCO Cage-Pro in stores from Spring 2017 (date TBC) with an RRP of £160.

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