Out Now: New 2017 Srixon Z-Star / Z-Star XV golf balls revealed


Srixon have unveiled their new 2017 Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK – and are available in shops now.

Srixon promise golfers more distance, more spin and more consistency in the wind from the fifth generation Z-Star and Z-Star XV and say that the Z-Star balls are already being used by numerous tour professionals.

Hideki Matsuyama,  put the ball in play shortly before enjoying an amazing end of year success streak, amassing 4 victories and a second place in 5 events.

Matsuyama said: “This is a truly reliable ball that delivers more distance than anything I have ever used before, and it has more responsive feel at impact. Playing on the USPGA Tour, I need a ball, which stops on the green with irons, so I’m very satisfied with the new Z-STAR creating the optimal spin. I’m amazed with these significant improvements.”

To celebrate the launch of the new Z-STAR Series, Srixon has also confirmed a new partnership with Prostate Cancer UK that will see the delivery of limited edition 15 ball Z-Star/ Z-Star XV bonus packs.

These special packs will also include an additional free sleeve of the new Z-STAR / Z-STAR XV decorated with the iconic Prostate Cancer UK logo.

Srixon will also donate £1.50 for every dozen golf balls sold to Prostate Cancer UK, helping to raise vital funds and awareness of the life-threatening male-specific disease which kills more than 11,000 men in the UK each year – that’s one man every hour.

Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV Details:
RRP: £44.99
Available from Friday February 17th

At a glance tech

3/4-piece construction
Both Z-Stars are tour balls but their tailored to perform for different golfers. The Z-Star’s 3-piece construction means maximum control and feel where the Z-Star XV’s 4-piece construction means maximum distance with a firmer feel.

New Spin Skin coating
Srixon’s 3rd generation Spin Skin is 13% softer than the previous version. Srixon say it’s more stretchy too, so the ball stretches across more of the face creating more friction and spin.

New cores please
The Z-Star’s 3-piece construction means it’s got a larger super-soft core which gets harder from the centre out. The XV’s 4-piece construction sees a two-piece core tuned to lower driver spin and increase launch, which delivers maximum distance.

New “powerful trajectory” 338 dimple pattern
Both the Z-Star and XV have a newly developed 338 dimple pattern. There’s five different sized dimples which Srixon reckon lowers drag right after launch and increases lift after the ball reaches its apex. Which helps the ball stay in the air for longer and means exceptional performance in the wind.

It’s all about compression
The new Z-Star has a slightly reduced compression (from 90 to 88) while the XV comes in at 105. Where some brands say compression is just personal preference, Srixon reckon you need a sufficient swing speed to compress each Z-Star fully to ensure maximum performance.

Get the ball to fit you
The Z-Star’s are a tour level ball so they’re designed to perform at above average club speeds. Srixon have other softer balls which are easier to compress at slower swing speeds but generally the Z-Star performs at a 90+ mph swing speed. It’s a mid-launch ball and delivers high greenside spin. While the Z-Star XV performs well at 100+ mph swing speeds, and delivers a mid-high launch and high greenside spin.

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